By  Sharada Iyer

One fails to fathom the current obsession of Hindi films to include Loo scenes/Urinating scenes under some pretext or the other in most of their films. It is one thing to have newcomers or side-kicks doing such scenes to grab attention but it is shameful to watch our established stars and talented actors resorting to such inexcusable and atrocious gimmicks.   

In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of movies purposely incorporating such scenes which not only seem totally unnecessary to the story of the film but are also unleashing blatant vulgarity on the unsuspecting audience…

PK, Shamitabh, Gunday, Besharam, Humshakals, Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, etc., are some of the recent examples of films which had some of our top stars flagrantly being part of these nauseating scenes and had the audience squirming in the seat out of sheer disgust.

The latest blockbuster PK had a prolonged urinating scene picturised on Aamir Khan where he gleefully does it in front of the heroine Anushka just to show her how to tease the cops and get arrested and worse still, Anushka kept smiling at his antic which made the scene even more revolting. In another scene in the same film, Aamir follows a man dressed up as Lord Shiva (!) into the men’s Loo and a brawl is picturised there.

Unfortunately the film’s director Raj Kumar Hirani, currently hailed as one of our top directors (!!!), seems to have made it a habit to include such scenes in all his films. Earlier the director made liberal use of such scenes in his highly overrated film 3 Idiots, in which not only grown-up actors showing their underwear was passed off as comedy but senior actors like Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, who play the role of students, were shown urinating in front of their Professor’s house!!!  The director even managed to weave some concept of ‘electrocuting’ with urine which gave him more opportunity to include many such sickening scenes.  Even in his 2006 hit film Lage Raho Munnabhai he had included a scene with both Arshad Warsi and Sunjay Dutt in the men’s loo. Ugh!

Shamitabh, the current offering from the duo of R.Balki and Amitabh takes this obsession to another level by actually picturizing a whole song (‘Piddly Si Baatein…’) with Dhanush and some junior actress dancing around  toilet-seats of various shapes and sizes!!! Furthermore, Amitabh Bachchan even gave a performance during the recently concluded ‘Filmfare award’ function by sitting on a commode and singing this song as part of his promotional act for the movie!!!  Really should such a senior actor of his stature and calibre resort to such tactics?

Coming back to the film’s director R. Balki–he has included Loo scenes in his earlier films as well. In Cheeni Kum when Amitabh Bachchan wants to inform Paresh Rawal about his intention to marry his daughter Tabu, he decides to confront him inside the men’s washroom and at the vulnerable moment!!! The movie Paa starts with the character of Auro (Amitabh as a progeria affected child) using the loo when the rest of his classmates are attending a school function…

Besharam, a Ranbir-Kapoor starrer, had a revolting scene of him shamelessly doing the act standing in an open field and loudly singing the song ‘Tujhe Dekha toh yeh Jaana Sanam…’. His Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani also had such a scene when he comes to meet Deepika who is sitting alone…And  to think that this young Kapoor is touted to be the industry’s next superstar…That is a worrying thought!

Gunday had an unbelievably revolting scene picturized on Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra. When they are standing next to each in the loo (terrible sight!), the heroine Priyanka Chopra is shown coming out of the closed-door section of the men’s toilet. Not only is her face devoid of any sign of embarrassment at having used the men’s loo, she also has the audacity to give explanation to them justifying her action. As if this was not enough, she walks up close to them and asks them to mind their own business and continue doing what they were doing peacefully…  Really can things get any worse?? What will the directors think of next??

Arjun Kapoor has already been involved in this kind of scene in his very first film –Ishaqzaade…

We have had even Action Hero Akshay Kumar enacting a particularly horrendous sequence in the film Singh is King and again in the film Bhool–Bhulaiyya where he is conversing with the actor involved in the act.  His latest thriller Baby had a long shot of Anupam Kher relieving himself in the middle of an important mission in the desert, a scene which could easily have been edited. Did this otherwise brilliant film need this so-called natural touch?

In Humshakals, the scene in the loo is a particularly prolonged one and involved Ritesh Deshmukh hiding in the ceiling in such way that he ends up peeing all over Satish Shah and getting him drenched from head to toe. And director Sajid Khan wants to pass this off as comedy? Really how do the writers think of such rubbish and the actors agree to do such nonsense???

The Abhay Deol starrer One by Two has the hero and heroine sitting on the commode and talking to each other. Golmaal 3 had a passing shot in a song showing Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade and Arshad Warsi doing the needful… Films like Krazzy 4, Jaaneman, Dhamaal, Partner, One two Three… all had such scenes which were totally embarrassing and avoidable. The list of films is long and that is scary…

Wonder how director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra managed to convince a veteran like Prem Chopra to do such a scene in Delhi 6 !!! Really that scene is so unnecessary in the film…

Even little boys seem to be getting trained. While Taare Zameen Par showed only a fleeting scene of the child actor Darsheel sitting on the commode, Partner had one of the most nauseating scenes ever picturised and involved Salman Khan and a child artiste.  The recent blockbuster Ram Leela also had a child actor doing this act merrily right in the beginning of the film.

Not to be left behind, even heroines seem to be jumping into the bandwagon. In Highway, the kidnapped Alia brazenly asks Randeep Hooda for a loo break. The Ranbir-Priyanka starrer Anjaana-Anjaani had another atrocious scene with Priyanka involved in the act! Aren’t the heroines really getting too bold for their own liking?

These are scenes from movies which I have seen. There may be many others which I have not seen but without doing any kind of special research, the picture that emerges of this sickening trend is distressing. What exactly are we gaining by showing such scenes? Is this our idea of comedy? Or is it that our films are getting so natural that the camera is taken right inside the men’s washroom and capturing them in their act?

Wonder why the moral brigade and censor board, who generally raise a hue and cry over an item number or skin show by the actresses or kissing scenes or even use of cuss words seem to be turning a blind eye towards these scenes. Is it because powerful people are involved and nothing can be done?

This trend of glamourizing the act of urination is really getting out of control and seems to attach a coolness quotient to such scenes which is both unwarranted and nauseating . Is this the kind of legacy we wish to leave behind?



  1. Super piece . A die hard fan of Bollywood has written a scathing article on some imp issue & Brilliantly highlighted too . Sure these superstars must wake up & realise that they are doing rubbish work !! Well done Shars !! Keep your pen going hard at the great industry . Cheerios . Shyamu

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  2. A very relevant and thought-provoking post. In their relentless pursuit of profit, producers and directors have always believed in pushing the envelope to shock and awe their public. Let decency and social responsibility be damned.
    Would you permit me to re-blog this one some time soon?

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  3. Reblogged this on ashokbhatia and commented:
    No one grudges producers of Bollywood or elsewhere laughing all their way to the bank. But when the social responsibility aspect yields to commercial pressures, it hurts. Given the reach and the influence of movies, one shudders at the blatant use of vulgarity and profanity in movies – particularly the ones which are churned out by some of our highly respected production houses.
    Here is a thought-provoking post on the ‘loo’ mania in some of our Bollywood flicks.

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  4. Now that must have taken some research, and an eye for those entering and exiting lavatories. Engrossing, and utterly loonatic piece of prose. You sound truly disgusted, but honestly I didn’t pay much attention to these acts of shame [in the movies that I have viewed], until now. Well done!

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    1. Ha ha! Glad you enjoyed the post even though you don’t seem to share my disgust at these scenes. In fact maybe many viewers are not bothered and that is why every film being released seems to be having a loo scene- Piku, All is Well, Phantom…I am sure the list is only going to to increase…much to my disgust… 🙂


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