By Sharada Iyer   The heroine of Raja Harishchandra, the first full-length feature film of Indian Cinema, was a male actor Anna Salunke cast in the role of Queen Taramati. Acting was a profession …




  1. Yet another scintillating post which is anything but a drag! Comprehensive. as always.

    Allow me to mention that ‘Chachi 420’ was inspired by ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, where Robin Williams assumes the role of a nanny so as to be close to his children!

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  2. Wow! It was beautiful!

    I’ve seen Half Ticket numerous times, just for this song, and a lovely one it is! I always thought that it was Asha Bhosle, who got sore throat and Kishore da asked Salil da to take his voice over and later edit. Whoever it was the final result was so crazily stupendous that the song was used as it is. Not unlike that raunchy number Mehbooba, mehbooba by RD in Sholay. He just rehearsed the song to show Asha and it was used as it is.

    A beautiful article again, Sharda!

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