‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is annoying beyond imagination


Sharada Iyer

adhmKaran Johar has abandoned every modicum of sense and sanity  to come up with the most exasperating and maddening film of the year ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil‘. Not only is the wafer-thin plot unblievably worthless, all the characters seemed to be warped and mentally deranged as well.

Let’s spell out some of the nonsensical points related to the weird characters:

The film basically belongs to Anushka and Ranbir and from beginning to end they irritate us so much with their non-stop banter that it is really nerve-wracking… 

Anushka is crazily in love with Fawad Khan yet wants Ranbir Kapoor hovering around her all the time. He misinterprets her need for friendship to be love and is just not ready to take ‘No’ for an answer even though she states clearly umpteen times that she feels no physical attraction towards him…


Ranbir Kapoor’s bloated male ego finds it difficult to handle this and his behaviour ranges from totally retarded to plain evil. He cries at the drop of a hat for everything and in every place possible including cafes, bars, toilets  and in one scene he even rolls on the pavement and howls!!! 

Why would any sane girl want to even talk to a crazy guy like him leave alone befriend him and mother him all the time is beyond comprehension and makes us seriously  question Anushka’s mental state in the film…

She not only convinces him to attend her wedding but unnecessarily just before the actual ceremony, she drags him to a room in front of all her guests, bolts the door and has the same argument  about their feelings for each other. He behaves like a pervert by trying to get physical with her and when she refuses to comply, he pushes her violently, makes a lewd gesture and walks out of the room…


…and conveniently Aishwarya Rai enters his life and he starts living with her. After all that hype around the so-called ‘intimate scenes’and the ‘sizzling chemistry ‘between Aishwarya and Ranbir, it came as a shock when she did not even make an appearance in the first half of the film. And even in the 2nd half not only does she have very little screen time, she also looks totally disinterested in the proceedings. In fact she seems to have concentrated more on her lipsticks than her expressions and somehow looked too artificial mouthing all those poetry verses…

For one scene we have SRK making an appearance as her husband and gives a lecture on the power of ‘one-sided love’ to ego-man Ranbir. After this Ranbir tries to patch up with Anushka who comes to visit him and Aishwarya. Though there is an awkwardness between them, Aishwarya realizes that Ranbir still loves (read: obsessed with) Anushka. Once Anushka is alone with Ranbir, they have the same fight again and she walks away in a huff. After this, Aishwarya also decides to break up with him and asks him to never come back in her life. 

After facing rejection from both the women in his life, Ranbir’s heart is now ‘broken enough’ to understand ‘love’ and embarks on a career as a singer and manages to attain  popularity as a sensational singer mouthing verses from the book written by Aishwarya.


But by now Karan  Johar is so confused with his own plot or the lack of it (Anushka leaves Ranbir’s friendship for Fawad’s love and then leaves Fawad’s love for Ranbir’s friendship) that he does not know what to do with the film. He now turns Anushka  into a cancer patient and once again Ranbir enters her life. Strangely even at this stage of her life, Ranbir is so thick-skinned that he does not understand her emotions and again the same arguments start… by this time we are all wishing that the film  would end…but it does so only after some more torturous scenes…

Fawad Khan looks very handsome but his character has been totally sidelined and his love-story with Anushka is not clearly established. Though he has a total screen time of only eight minutes it was because of him that the film gained so much publicity… 

What was Karan Johar trying to depict with this bizarre equation of love and friendship? With his misleading Posters, Promos and  Teasers, which projected the film as a love-story between Aishwarya and Ranbir, he may have managed to to bring in the initial audience but ultimately the truth will spread and the collections are going to nose-dive.

Another vexing thing is that Karan Johar has included scenes, dialogues and background tunes from his previous films like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ etc., which will remind the audience of the songs and characters of these films! And was there any need to include remix versions of the songs from our old films like ‘An Evening in Paris’, ‘Chandni’, ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’ ? And including the dialogue where the legendary Rafi Saab is insulted –“Woh gaate kahan the, woh toh rote the“-was unpardonable!

Ranbir looks and acts so badly that it was a torture seeing him on screen. Anushka who once again reprises the role of an over-chirpy chatterbox makes us want to scream every time she opens her mouth and poor Aishwarya is like a glorified ‘extra’ with even Lisa Haydon getting more screen time than her…

Indeed our ‘dil’ found it very ‘mushkil’ to sit through two and a half hours of  this sheer torment…


20 thoughts on “‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is annoying beyond imagination

  1. Sounds a dreadful movie. When are movie makers going to understand that good stories, not dialogues, make a good movie. A few good values interspersed won’t be a bad idea either.
    And yes, even in photos RK looks a wimp. I used to think he is good looking, but he looks vacuous.
    Thanks Sharada.

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  2. Sounds a totally worthless movie. Karan has always been a useless director , overrated & worthless. I enjoyed the super review & saw the anger & anguish in 3 of you who went for the movie. Terrible story !!! Tx for the ripper of a review . KJ should be banned for 400 years from Bollywood . πŸ‘πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

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  3. Great review! Totaly agree with you.
    In my mind, after seeing the promos, I had conjured up various reasons why Ranbir n Ash might be seperated and how he’ll have to make do with Anushka at the end…but this was a whole different story all together. And a worse one than the ones in my mind. V disappointing.

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