KAABIL: Hrithik is good but this rape-revenge saga is disturbing…


Sharada Iyer

Kaabil is basically a revenge story-the likes of which have been seen several times before in the eighties and the nineties the only difference being that the protagonist this time happens to be visually challenged.


The unique part of the film is that for the first time in Hindi cinema, both the hero and heroine are visually challenged. The story takes us into their world where we witness their joy in little things which a normal person generally takes for granted. But it is their helplessness which hits us for there is nothing more painful than watching a blind person become a rape victim.

The animal instincts of such perpetrators, their well-established ‘connections’ with powerful people in right places and the wretchedness of the corrupt police officials who have no scruples even while dealing with a blind victim make us cringe and question the kind of society we are living in and the system of justice that we offer…


Two visually challenged people meet through a common friend and decide to get married. Their courtship and marriage scenes are too sugary sweet and picture perfect almost eerily warning us of the impending catastrophe waiting to happen. The romantic part is slow and gives us time to know our endearing couple and their lifestyle. A couple of catchy songs are added to showcase Hrithik’s dancing talent. She smiles and laughs a lot, he is soft spoken and coy and both of them are happy.

Soon the tragedy which strikes the couple not only catches them unawares and leaves them devastated forever, it paves the way for our Hrithik to embark on his one-man revenge mission. Now the sole interest for the audience is to find out how exactly does the blind Hrithik in spite of his disability not only carry out cold-blooded murders but also outwit the corrupt cops leaving no trace of proof to catch him even though they are aware of his involvement.


Hrithik’s earnest performance in this author-backed role is worth applauding though there are some scenes when he tries too hard to stare blankly and ‘look’ blind taking away the spontaneity of the scene. His expressions remind us of his act in Koi Mil Gaya

The way he plots to kill the villains is interesting and satisfying for that is what every rapist actually deserves but is never punished because of loopholes in our system…

The villains played by the real life brothers and television artistes Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy are brothers in the movie also and impart the right amount of menace required to make their characters despicable. The versatile Ronit Roy in particular is simply brilliant. He is not new to villainy having played such roles in Boss, Udaan, Two States, etc. and excels once again in the role of the politician who covers up for his brother’s sordid deeds.



The biggest drawback of Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil is that the trailer which was released a few weeks back had revealed the entire story completely thus robbing the audience of any kind of thrill or surprise in the narrative. With the result when we enter the cinema hall, we know exactly what to expect and when!

Though both the protagonists are blind, the heroine Yami Gautam has been given a raw deal as papa Rakesh Roshan has seen to it that the focus remains only on Hrithik. She does not have too much screen time and has to be done away with for the revenge saga to happen.

There is a particularly regressive dialogue in the film where Yami tells Hrithik a few scenes after the rape that she would perfectly understand if he wants to leave her as things would never be the same between them again and worse still Hrithik remains silent in response to this and does not try to pacify her or console her at that point…Though later he apologizes for his silence stating that he had been silent because he was angry with himself…But was her dialogue really necessary in the first place ?

Hrithik’s methods do seem too perfect and he never faces any obstacles in his plan and for a blind person to accomplish all this in a short time does seem a little far-fetched.

Whoever came up with the idea of the disgusting item number ‘Saara Zamaana…’ (an obnoxious remix version of Kishore Kumar’s lovely song) needs to have his/her head examined! Really the camera angles and Urvashi Rautela’s vulgar steps are nauseating…and the song is totally unnecessary to the storyline…


Why have we raked up this kind of rape story again especially at a time when we get to hear of these dastardly acts every day? The heinousness of the scene is chilling and the aftermath depressing…

Why glorify rape just to get a revenge drama which will score at the box-ofiice?

All those who like revenge dramas will freak out and so will all the Hrithik Roshan fans but those who are allergic to this type of done-to-death formula packaged in a new bottle can perhaps think again…

It is difficult to classify this kind of rape-revenge drama as good or bad, but the post is sure to give an idea of what is in store…





9 thoughts on “KAABIL: Hrithik is good but this rape-revenge saga is disturbing…

  1. Perhaps the producers, in their infinite wisdom, believe that the tolerance level of audiences have gone up. So, unless gut-wrenching scenes and raunchy numbers are included, the movie would sink without a trace.
    The reaction of the hero to the wife’s feelings post-rape are indeed regressive. Contrast this with ‘Ghar’ which perhaps set a gold standard in this respect.

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  2. You’ve made me inquisitive, because till I read your review I didn’t know what the story is about. But all these are commercial movies. All run-of-the-mill. In fact, I cant remember when was the last time I had a good cinematic experience…

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