BAHUBALI 2: Awe-inspiring sequel to the spectacular first part


Sharada Iyer


Now I am at peace. I managed to see the ‘first day-first show’ of the most awaited film of 2017-Bahubali 2 and got the answer to the cliff-hanger question on which Bahubali 1 had ended! After all, it had been a crazy period of two years waiting to know the full story.

Anyone reading this need not panic. There are no spoilers. I am just penning a few thoughts…

Two years ago when director S S Rajamouli unleashed his jaw-dropping extravaganza, audience throughout the country were left speechless. A spectacle as majestic as this had never been seen before in the history of Indian cinema. Mounted lavishly on an astounding budget the film was made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil and dubbed in Hindi and other languages and raked in enough ‘moolah’ to emerge as the greatest blockbuster of Indian cinema. Combining brilliant story-telling with unbelievable special effects and laced with deep emotions the director touched a chord in every viewer’s heart…

…and now the team returns with an equally dazzling sequel replete with all the emotions, drama, intrigue, mesmerizing  special effects and outstanding fight sequences. This is probably the first instance of an Indian film being released in two parts and kudos to the director and story-writer for keeping alive the audience interest and maintaining the tempo and flow of the events in both the films. With the first part having raised the curiosity factor as well as expectation of the audience, the makers were faced with the daunting task of fulfilling all the high expectations… and what a sequel they have come up with! It matches the original in every aspect apart from giving an emotional and believable explanation to the reason the first part ended the way it did.

While the first part starts in the present and goes back to the past to reveal the story of Amaraendra Bahubali, the second part takes off from the past and beautifully comes back to the present to continue with the son Mahendra Bahubali connecting all the dots beautifully and coherently…


Each scene has been crafted with a lot of love, care, thought, precision, scientific input and imagination. The intricate detailing of the sets especially regarding the grandeur of the kingdom ‘Mahishmati’ leaves us spellbound. The song situations in both films are a lesson in computer graphics and excellent choreography. The fight sequences and action scenes are simply breathtaking! It leaves us awe-struck at the unbelievable audacity of the director to have conceptualized and visualized such a magnificent drama and to have had the guts and passion to translate this imagination into sheer cinematic magic with his able team of technical wizards ! The result is a six-hour epic fantasy which takes cinema viewing to another level!!


The tale of the two warring brothers – Bahubali and Bhallaldev to rule the Kingdom ‘Mahishmati’ leaves open a canvas large enough to include basic emotions of jealousy, loyalty, betrayal, confrontation, evil plots and extraordinary fights. The screenplay also includes two exciting love-stories which are very important to the script and a strong mother figure thereby assigning tremendous importance to all the female characters as well.

In the double role of Bahubali, Prabhas is so perfectly cast that it is difficult to imagine any other actor in India to have played the role so superbly. He gave five years of his life to breathe life into this cinematic character and manages to carve a memorable character with his special body language, his handsome looks, his winning smile, his remarkable agility during action sequences and his touching vulnerability during emotional scenes. With these two films, Prabhas outclasses the Khans and other stars to emerge as the current superstar of Indian cinema! bahu3

Rana Daggubatti as the evil Bhallaldev is also brilliantly cast and so is Nasser as the wily handicapped uncle. In the important role of Katttappa, Sathyaraj has created history by being the most intriguing character who formed the vital link which in a way held the two parts of the movie together during the two-year gap.

The ladies are also excellent in their respective parts. Anushka Shetty as Princess Devasena, Tamannah as the bow-and-arrow wielding warrior and above all Ramya Krishnan as Queen Shivagami- all live their role. Perhaps the choice of the entire cast from South is one of the biggest plus-points of the film. As Telugu artistes are not so well-known throughout the country they were able to bring a kind of rare  authenticity to their characters and lived their roles. Had any of the top Bollywood artistes been part of the film their starry images may have hampered with the vision of the director…

If Bahubali 1 broke all box-office records two years back, Bahubali 2’s box-office collections are even more earth-shattering and the film has already amassed Rs 100 crores on the first day itself followed by Rs 100 crores on the second day also. Bahubali 2 has been released in over 6500 screens across the country setting a new record for the astonishing number of screens allotted for any Indian film…

Watching the magic of ‘Bahubali 1-the beginning’ and ‘Bahubali 2- the conclusion’ unfold on big screen is a unique experience and an opportunity not to be missed by any film-lover…






15 thoughts on “BAHUBALI 2: Awe-inspiring sequel to the spectacular first part

  1. Excellent Review!! Really loved the way you presented! Baahubali is indeed an epic that can be present to our future generation.A movie that defined how an indian cinema needs to be presented and convince all the audiences and at the same time takes you into another world

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  2. Brilliant review . As always your article leaves me gasping & wanting to read more. This is super journalism as one of the greatest editors had advised all journalists. Readers should want to read more – & you have been apt on this aspect. Wonderful indeed. Well done. I know your burnt the midnight oil to write this. 👌👏👌👍👍

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  3. While the first part starts in the present and goes back to the past to reveal the story of Amaraendra Bahubali, the second part takes off from the past and beautifully comes back to the present to continue with the son Mahendra Bahubali connecting all the dots beautifully and coherently… it’s the beauty in your description that makes me want to see the sequel!! Without revealing anything about the plot, your review plays so convincingly on our emotions, pushing us playfully but firmly into the theatre! Now if I don’t watch this movie, I’m not worth the trouble😀😀😀
    Superb write up👍👍👍👍👍👍

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