‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ crosses all limits of absurdity and baloney


Sharada Iyer

At a time when women are struggling to be treated with respect and dignity and not to be viewed as objects of lust, here comes this bizarre film with the heroine Anushka Sharma openly wanting a validation of her ‘sexiness’ from the hero Shah Rukh Khan throughout the film. She literally throws herself at him begging him to ‘check her out’ to see whether she is ‘sexy’ enough or she is the ‘sister’ type! And all this even though she has a fiancé back home and is just a random tourist stuck with her tour guide in a foreign country!!!

Jab Harry

The film falters at every step starting from the very first scene and maintains the incongruity for the entire duration ending in a clichéd and listless climax. Indeed it is difficult to fathom why SRK chose such a script which offers him neither novelty nor challenge at this stage of his career and especially when he is completing 25 glorious years in this industry.

And pray what made him do that awkward and totally unnecessary kissing scene with Anushka? A star who attained the tag of ‘The King of Romance’ without resorting to such gimmicks all these years looks a complete misfit in the scene.

Here are five reasons why ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’  fails miserably on every count:

The unbelievably inane plot:

Anushka plays a girl from India who is part of a big group tour to Europe and SRK is the tour guide. Just after the tour ends when he is about to set off to enjoy his personal time, she misses her flight on purpose and forces him to accompany her to search her engagement ring which she has lost during the trip. Her indifferent family and her fiancé just leave her in the lurch and board the flight back home. Now she forces him to embark on the full tour all over again and search for the ring in every possible place!!!

Imtiaz Ali’s unimpressive direction:

For a film touted to be a romantic journey and discovering true love, director Imtiaz Ali does not create even one magical moment between his lead pair. In many places the situations created are so silly and contrived that it becomes dull and irritating after a while. With two talented artistes at his disposal, it is sad he did not put any effort to create something memorable. Both Jab We Met and Highway had such special cinematic moments to take home but this one falters big time like his Tamasha which also had an equally useless story-line.

Most predictable and boring narrative:

From the very first scene we know exactly how the film will end. At least the journey could have been dotted with great music, funny situations, drama and romance. But no! Neither do the actors come across as an endearing pair nor does their supposed ‘love’ story touch our heart. And all those done-to-death European locales did nothing to add any extra meaning to the plot.

Complete lack of chemistry between the lead pair:

The ageing SRK still exudes charm but at this stage to accept him as a ‘playboy’ was really difficult. His body language and eyes just do not convey that and somehow once he meets Anushka, he keeps his distance and treats her with respect. It is she who goes after him relentlessly and behaves in a weird way. Why she wants to flirt with her guide and wants him to treat her like his girlfriend throughout their trip seemed so senseless and out of place. In fact she seemed to be having fun and had no real interest in looking for the ring! 

Anushka also looks too overbearing in front of SRK and talks too much doing the same type of characters she has been doing all along. Her Gujarati accent after a point gets really annoying and on the whole her character is not really likeable. 

Uninspiring and mediocre music:

A love-story without good music makes no sense. Music can work its magic as it really helps in repeat value. Even a banal film like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ended up with a fantastic musical score from Pritam. There was a time SRK’s films had superb music – Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Raju Ban Gaya GentlemanDDLJ, Om Shanti Om . But here even though he is the producer, he has not really shown much interest to weave melody into the narrative. The situations have been artificially created and those new  playback singers just don’t seem to suit SRK.

Jab Harry2

In Conclusion

An endearing love-story should either concentrate on the magical chemistry of the lead pair or else create drama around them by having a brilliant supporting cast. Jab Harry Met Sejal does neither.

What made the makers even think of such garbage is beyond belief! This year clearly does not belong to our ageing Superstars! First it was Salman Khan and his unbelievably useless Tubelight and now with this film Shah Rukh Khan gives him tough competition for the most nonsensical film of the year.

One wonders if SRK and Anushka had watched this film after completion for then they may not have embarked on those maddening promotional tours doing all those publicity stunts to entice the audience into cinema halls!

The film is not doing well and the collections are below par. That is heartening for it means audience cannot be taken for a ride. Now perhaps SRK will also compensate his distributors the way Salman Khan did after his Tubelight crashed at the box-office…

Jab Harry1







16 thoughts on “‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ crosses all limits of absurdity and baloney

  1. Just about had enough of these inane so called relationship films, Tamasha, Meri Pyaari Bindu, Befikr and now Jab Harry met Sejal , Who are these filmmakers, self touted experts on love and romance so very much out of sinc with reality….Karan Johar started the trend, in the beginning it was all fun, young romance great music and romance…..now the same stars trying to pull off the same stunts…I’m glad the films are tanking. They just have to stop taking filmgoers for a ride…

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